HiLite’s Professional Range of Services includes

  • Domestic, Commercial and Industrial solutions for projects of almost any size.
  • Wide range of systems to suit any architectural specification
  • Advice from long term employees who have gained many years of experience in various fields
  • Dedicated factory who fabricates under strict policy and procedures to ensure the best quality product and service.

Hilite’s Management recognize that it isn’t enough just to make and install windows, we have identified and actively ensure the following Capability Statement is applied.

  1. The Broad Experience of a Renovation Specialist with an Excellent Industry Reputation

    • We have been in business in Western Australia for fifteen (15) years. Over the past ten (10) years we have been very successful in winning and completing contracts for the supply and installation of aluminium window and door solutions for hospitals, schools and other Government Facilities.Our facilities include our administration offices and factory at 5 Action Road in Malaga totalling 400 square metres, incorporating manufacturing, fabricating facilities and a project materials storage area.

      HiLite Aluminium also has an experienced fabrication and installation team who are regularly commended by our clients for their professional approach and attention to detail.

  2. Local Experts in the Field of Aluminium solutions to industry – The Preferred Provider

    • Refer to the Projects page to view some examples of our work
  3. Nationally and Internationally Proven Product Systems

    • Supporting this experience is Carpal and Aluminium Specialities, two of Australia’s largest extruders and distributors of aluminium products.Further, all of our door and window products are glazed to AS 1288, manufactured as outline in AS2047 and the manufacturer Technical Manuals. All product systems used have also undergone rigid testing to relevant Australian Standards.
  4. Quality Assurance

    • HiLite Aluminium’sQ.A. Management System has been designed to comply with ISO 9001 standards and is an integral part of its daily business. Additionally, formal and informal review processes are in place to ensure that necessary actions and resolutions are communicated to relevant staff and goals and objectives are met or, where they cannot be achieved, contingency planning can occur.In particular, for the planning of the delivery of our services, we focus on client needs to assure service quality. A Quality plan will apply all contracts, no matter the value.

      We always:

      • Identify and provide all equipment, resources, processes and skills (including responsibilities and authority) needed to ensure client requirements are defined, understood and met;
      • Define our key processes and identify inputs and outputs;
      • Determine how each process influences our ability to meet client requirements;
      • Identify suitable verification points, measurements and appropriate analysis methods;
      • Define the standards of acceptability for relevant activities; and
      • Develop a recording system to provide evidence that our services meet client requirements.

      Additionally, planning includes ensuring that the integrity of the entire HiLite Aluminium’s QA management system is maintained when changes to it are identified and implemented, so that we can be confident in always supplying the best product and service possible.

  5. Occupational Health and Safety

    • HiLite Aluminium takes responsibility for ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of all HiLite Aluminium’s employees and visitors to the workplace.HiLite Aluminium ensures the health and welfare of employees in the workplace by:
      • Providing a safe workplace environment, free of risks to health & wellbeing;
      • Implementation of safe work systems and practices;
      • Provide appropriate training, support and supervision of existing and new employees;
      • Consult with employees on all matters which effect their health & safety in the workplace;
      • Implement processes for identifying hazards, assess risks and eliminate or control/mitigate risks, where possible;
      • Provide personal protective equipment where necessary; and
      • Ensure that people other than employees, in the work place, are not exposed to risks arising from HiLite Aluminium’s work systems or practices.

      HiLite Aluminium recognizes that consultation between field staff and managers is vital to the risk identification process and encourages all employees to contribute to the making of decisions affecting their health, safety and wellbeing at work. Employees will always be consulted in the early phases of the risk management process.

      All employees are obliged to report any matter they feel will have an impact on their workplace health, safety and wellbeing.

      Employees will be consulted on all issues/decisions that will impact on their health, safety & wellbeing, including;

      • Risks, and their elimination or control;
      • Workplace procedures & practices;
      • OHS consultative arrangements;
      • Training needs;
      • Incidents, illnesses or injuries (in a way that protects the confidentiality of personal information); and
      • OHS Policies & Procedures, including risk assessments and control measures.
  6. Waste Minimization

    • HiLite Aluminium’s Waste Minimization System forms an integral part of its daily business.Its waste minimization system includes:
      • Reducing 7 wastes within the organization (defects, inventory, over production, over process, motion, people, material, transportation);
      • Continuous Improvement;
      • Value stream mapping; and
      • Team work.